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Course Aims

I will help clients not only lose weight but set them on the right path to make healthy lifestyle choices for the long term


95% of diets and rapid weight loss techniques are unsuccessful in keeping weight off in the long term. These people mess up their metabolism, lose muscle mass and water and do nothing to address the underlying causes of weight gain.


I will show clients how to be one of the 5%  who lose weight and keep it off for the long term!


I am not selling quick fix diets or exercise regimes. I will help you to explore why you may have been resistant to change and discuss strategies to help you move forwards.


















This innovative course is for anyone who has struggled with weight management and fitness issues and who wish to sustain helathy weight and fitness levels for the rest of their lives.


Choose from either 5 or 10 week courses consisting of 1-2 Skype online coaching calls per week. Telephone or mobile calls may also be used if preferred. Each call is 45 mins duration and will cover the 3 key areas of Nutrition, Exercise, and Behaviour Change.


Specific weight management targets will be set each week. Clients will also be given Tip Sheets after each session focusing on key areas. Motivational Text messages and Email support are also included in this course.


David Boost is a weight mangement specialist:

  • Level 4 Obesity, Diabetes Management and Behaviour Change

          (Register of Exercise Professionals 2014)

  • BA Sport Studies

  • Diploma in Fitness Training and Sports Therapy

  • 15 years experience as a personal trainer

  • National Register of Personal Trainers (www.nrpt.co.uk)





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Online weight management and fitness coaching

A unique online coaching course combining how to eat healthily, how to exercise and how to change behaviour