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By David Boost, Feb 4 2019 01:44PM

An excellent Video from Physiotherapist Lilly Sabri, showing some simple exercises that can help give relief from lower back pain

By David Boost, Dec 29 2017 09:56PM

Bob commenced personal training sessions last year. He was severely overweight with elevated blood pressure.

We agreed a programme of exercise for Bob to follow with an emphasis on introducing quality foods, calorie awareness and recording his progress as he went along. Working on Bob's mindset and motivation was a key element in his progress.

Slowly the pounds started to shed and soon he had lost his first stone. By last summer Bob had lost an incredible 6 stone (38kg!) He went shopping for his favourite clothes for the first time and his family and friends could not believe this transformation.

Bob continues to train regularly and we have set new weight loss targets and health goals for 2018.

If you are concerned about your weight and frustrated with your ability to lose weight and keep it off for the long term, contact us for an initial health and wellness consultation. 07944714893


By David Boost, Oct 30 2016 12:15PM

Now the countdown has started to Christmas, there is no better time to take stock of your own health and fitness levels. You will need to be in good shape before the turkey hits the Christmas table and the inevitable calories start to climb on board!

David and Iryna offer a free health and fitness consultation for you to decide if you would like to arrange a course of personal training sessions. Book now on 07944 714893

You may also wish to book a course of personal training sessions for your loved one or for a family member or friend. Courses of 5 or 10 (1 hour) personal training sessions are available. We can send you this as a Gift Voucher to include inside a card or present. Please contact us for further details.